ORANGE, Calif. — IronWall360, an established leader in the field of online privacy protection, is proud to announce it will provide its proprietary monitoring and protection service to California’s Irvine Police Department.

“Every time an Irvine police officer makes an arrest, there is a risk of that person, or one of his associates, vowing to get even. And unfortunately, finding out where an officer lives is easy to do, because companies sell the personal information of millions of people without their knowledge, and with no regard for their privacy or safety,” said 360Civic CEO Ron Zayas.

“Our system searches every day for places online where the addresses and phone numbers of those under our protection are displayed – and when we find them, we take action. Those that refuse to comply are referred to the Attorney General’s office, or sued in court – one way or another, that content is coming down.”

For almost 10 years, IronWall360 has provided this service to professionals in police departments like Irvine, Superior Courts and other organizations within the criminal justice system. Now, the company is extending this service to individuals in these professions.

“Given the times we’re living in, we recognize how important this protection is for those who protect us,” Zayas said. “That’s why we are proud to now make IronWall360 protection available to at a cost that is less than a Netflix subscription.”

Those wishing to sign up for online privacy protection can do so at


About IronWall360
IronWall360, provided by 360Civic, works with superior courts, justice departments and law enforcement agencies as a legally-contracted agent, to formally remove any personal information from any website in violation of state and federal restrictions. For more information, visit


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