ORANGE, Calif. — IronWall360, the largest and most reputable leader in the field of online privacy protection, has announced it will provide its proprietary monitoring and protection service to any law enforcement individual or organization that has been impacted by the Kronos ransomware attack.

“We are proud to provide one full year of IronWall360 online privacy protection to the victims of this attack,” said IronWall360 CEO Ron Zayas. “There will be no charge for this service – we just want to make sure that the damage already done will not be worsened by having the private information of those impacted accessible on the internet.”

Kronos claimed victims in several US cities, including one that is home to one of the largest police departments in California. The private information of the city’s police officers was leaked – including their addresses and phone numbers.

“The consequences of attacking an HR management platform can be severe when you consider how much information job applicants and employees provide to their employers,” Zayas said. “It’s not just names, addresses and phone numbers that are stored, it’s social security numbers, and bank account information so paychecks can be sent via direct deposit. If this information becomes available, the results can be devastating.”

The IronWall360 system searches every day for places online where private information of those under the company’s protection are displayed. When they are found, the company contacts that site to demand its removal. Those that do not comply are taken to court. “One way or another, that content is coming down,” Zayas said.

Anyone working for a police department or law enforcement agency impacted by Kronos is invited to register for complimentary IronWall360 protection by visiting

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