ORANGE, Calif. — The Oakland Police Officers’ Association, an organization that represents all sworn members at all ranks within the Oakland Police Department, has announced that IronWall360 has been selected to provide Oakland officers with online monitoring and privacy protection.

With threats against law enforcement on the rise, more attention is being paid to the safety of officers once their shifts end. One way to combat these threats is to keep the home addresses and phone numbers of police officers off the internet, where they can be searched and located by anyone. IronWall360 is the largest and most reputable leader in the field of online judicial and law enforcement protection.

“We always ask officers if they would be comfortable arresting a felon and handing over their home address. Of course, they would never do so, but if an officer’s address can be found with a quick Google search, that’s essentially what is happening. And having that information available can result in harassment, vandalism or even violence,” said IronWall360 CEO Ron Zayas.

The proprietary online monitoring system used by IronWall360 scans the internet every day for places online where the addresses and phone numbers of those under the company’s protection are displayed – and when discovered takes action to have them removed. Those that refuse to comply are referred to the Attorney General’s office, or sued in court – one way or another, that content disappears.

“Keeping our dedicated police officers safe is our most important mission, and in these divisive times, that protection should not end when an officer goes off duty. 

The online privacy monitoring provided by IronWall360 gives us another way to safeguard the brave and hard-working men and women who are striving to protect Oakland residents.” said Barry Donelan, president of the Oakland Police Officers’ Association.  

If your police department or organization would like more information on online privacy protection, or if you are interested in individual registration, visit

About IronWall360
IronWall360, provided by 360Civic, works with superior courts, justice departments and law enforcement agencies as a legally-contracted agent, to formally remove any personal information from any website in violation of state and federal restrictions. For more information, visit


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