As the arms race escalates between public sector websites trying to protect confidential information and hackers trying to steal it, 360Civic is proud to announce a new ransomware protection service.

This service is just one offering in our end-to-end suite of online services, which includes hosting, securityADA and GDPR compliance reviews.

Ransomware protection is available to any entity that uses our servers for hosting. 360Civic will install a number of effective protocols to protect sites from ransomware attacks. The cost is $500 per month.


Meet Our “Ransomware Sheriff”

Public sector websites for municipalities, schools, and utilities make particularly alluring targets, because their websites are the central hub for so many vital services.

That’s why we’ve hired a sheriff with the experience to protect your sites: Nicole Fellouris, former CEO of the cyber-security firm Elite Development Group, is our Chief Information Security Officer.

Nicole has more than two decades of cyber security experience in both the public and private sector. Her accomplishments and contributions to the cyber security community were recognized by both federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, resulting in a board member appointment to the Los Angeles division of Infragard (FBI/private industry organization), inclusion in the Secret Service’s Electronic Crimes Task Force, think tank participation specific to IT security-centric compliance frameworks, and appointment as a Subject Matter Expert in cyber security and cyber warfare.


Protect Yourself – And Your User Community

While no system can guarantee 100% immunity from outside attacks, we know that with the right CMS, due diligence and the other infrastructure solutions we provide, your site stands a much better chance against those looking to corrupt your technology.

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