360Civic Hosts State Government Websites and School District Websites

A web development project will impact the requirements of your new site, particularly in the areas of speed (the amount of storage you will need) and bandwidth (the amount of data being transferred and downloaded while visitors view your website).

You may not require web hosting as part of your RFP, but 360Civic provides this service with a focus on the three features that are most important – security, reliability and support. 

Safety First

360Civic offers security-hardened CMS and PHP hosting with a secure, Tier 1 infrastructure, with equipment owned and managed by 360 personnel. Built-in redundancy protects site content.

Our facilities are located in a safe region in the center of the country. If an emergency requires you to communicate with your constituents, our safe remote hosting will not be impacted by a locally occurring event.

24/7 Real Human Support

Daily backup, weekly backup and restore service, as well as monitoring and onsite support, is part of the complete management of services we provide at no additional cost. Support is available 24/7, and most of the time we’ll detect any issues before you do. But if you do need to reach us, someone will always be there.

Covering Your Current and Future Needs

Our public sector clients will become familiar with the development and staging infrastructure we employ on a separate server, as we bring your project to fruition. This is the way that you will review pages for correct formatting and content prior to launch. That development server will remain available after your site launches on a different server, so you’ll always have a way to safely test and update new material without affecting the website.

This production environment will continue to be made available to you after your new site is finished, so any future changes can be tested and applied before they go live. And if your site needs to expand for any reason, our flexible scaling will accommodate your needs.

Tiered Pricing For Your Civic Website Based on Your Traffic

Should a school district with ten schools pay the same amount for hosting as a district with 50 schools? We don’t think so. At 360Civic our hosting fees are set based on your website traffic. With public sector budgets seemingly growing ever tighter, the last thing a city or school district needs is to pay for something  it does not need.

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