Drupal: A Primer for Public Sector Websites

Client: “Why should we use Drupal?” 360Civic: “I’ll do you one better. Why is Drupal?” No one ever gets that joke, but it’s a good way to start off a whitepaper on why Drupal is our preferred…


Ransomware and Municipal Websites: A Prevention and Protection Strategy

This white paper will focus on the recent municipality-targeted ransomware attacks, their respective payloads, local government specific mitigation methodologies and remediation strategies. It is not…

ADA for Public Sector Websites

ADA For Public Sector Websites

When a municipal website or school district site is being created or redesigned, some mention of ADA is almost inevitable in the RFP, and potential vendors all acknowledge they’ll take it into…

What are the Keys to a Successful Government RFP? - banner

What are the Keys to a Successful Government RFP?

The concept behind an RFP is simple – a document that outlines the specifications of a new project and elicits bids from potential vendors. But sometimes government agencies and public project…

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